Welcome to Supporting Positive Outcomes

We are a mobile, activities-based provision offering short term bridging placements for young people who are awaiting a new placement or those who need time out from their current placement. All of our crew members are helmsman trained and qualified with a recognised CRT (Canals and Rivers Trust) licence to operate boats on the waterways of Britain and Europe.

What we do…Naturally

  • Provide an environment aimed at promoting good health and wellbeing, breaths of fresh air(literally), a healthy, and nutritious diet and a wide range of outdoor activities
  • Form Positive Relationships
  • Assessment of Individual Needs
  • Setting Social Boundaries
  • Positive Role Models
  • Support and Guidance
  • Support Emotional Health & Wellbeing
  • Provide for Individuals Sensory Needs
  • Holistic, Multi-Agency Approach with the Involvement of Person in Need at the Centre of Decision Making.

Who we support…

People who are

  • Leaving Care
  • Enduring Mental Health Problems
  • Foster Carers
  • Presenting Inappropriate Sexualised Behaviour
  • With Moderate Learning Disabilities
  • With Autism
  • Leaving Custody


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Our target audience are young people aged 8 – 17yrs who require a short-term bridging placement for up to 28 days, in order to give them some space and a degree of stability to their lives whilst the local authority finalise transition plans.

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